Botnik requested our help to design and develop a web platform, powered by a bot created specifically for Slack. Slack, a technical communication tool widely utilized by software developers, has become an integral aspect of managing software projects. The Slack bot they wanted to create would allow team leads to ask team members questions about their status and automatically generate reports based on responses. Use of the bot would aim to stimulate more personable, productive and engaging teamwork.

The Challenge

The time was tight and the expected deadline couldn’t be postponed. We got started with one full-stack web developer, Carlos. We realized he needed some help with the frontend (HTML and CSS) in order to stay on track. Furthermore, we hadn’t built a Slack bot before.

The Solution

In the first weeks of this project, we helped to co-develop features and user stories. Then, our developer addressed the bot integration with Botkit and Slack API as soon as we kicked off. The sooner we got a proof of concept, the more quickly we might pivot if needed. We reduced uncertainty by addressing the most complex feature at the very beginning. Then, we built the app on top of it, which is something we’ve done before.


Regarding the frontend, as soon as we found out that Carlos needed some help, we added a second developer to the team, David. David is more experience with HTML, CSS, Sass and markup, he caught up and put the project back on time. Carlos, focused on what he does best, the JavaScript code - we built Botnik using a MEAN stack.


We delivered the product on time, and they launched on Product Hunt and ran their marketing campaign as planned.

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