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Companies that trust Coorva
  • HITN
    Coorva has proven to be an indispensable partner for us. Working with their engineers has been exceptional; they are not just incredible professionals but also people who truly understand business logic. It's rare to find developers with such a comprehensive skill set.

    VP of Design and Digital Services, HITN
  • Shell
    I have had the privilege of utilizing Coorva's services, and their commitment to getting the job done right is evident. They have consistently exhibited exemplary professionalism and dedication.

    Director of Procurement, Shell
  • Datateer
    Coorva was very easy to work with and brought us high-quality people. Thanks to their developers, the company's portal was successfully built. The team established solid communication and adjusted their services to the client's needs, demonstrating flexibility. The client was impressed with their natural workflow and cared for the outcomes.

    CEO, Datateer
  • Minimalistech
    The client's customer has been extremely satisfied with the candidates provided by Coorva. They have an effective workflow, and the team's high-quality support has led to an ongoing long-term partnership.

    CTO, Minimalistech
  • DotDash
    Coorva has been a vital component in moving the client's projects forward. The augmented staff has been adaptive to their culture and processes. Moreover, the vendor regularly communicates with the client to ensure that high-quality services are served and concerns are addressed.

    Product Manager, Dot Dash
  • Empirical
    Working with Coorva is an absolute pleasure. We have been collaborating on very technical and challenging projects, and we always have fun while providing brilliant solutions to our clients.

    Founder & CEO, Empirical
  • The Food Corridor
    Coorva identified and placed great talent on our team based on our technical and cultural needs. Their team has great systems for tracking and communication. We highly recommend Coorva for those looking to supplement or grow their development teams.

    CEO, The Food Corridor
  • Brightech Solutions
    It has been a pleasure working with the Coorva team. These guys have been top-notch all the way, very responsive, and quick to act on my requests. I had a great experience working with them on a 12+ month .NET engagement. I would definitely work with them again.

    Founder & CEO, Brightech Solutions
  • Orium
    Demonstrating patience, flexibility, and helpfulness, Coorva has successfully onboarded two developers. They’ve effectively streamlined the process, ensuring a remarkable collaboration experience. Overall, the team is hands-on in every aspect and diligently handles all their candidates.

    Director of Culture, Orium
    We asked Coorva to jump in with some development in an area that was somewhat new to our team. The goal was to work with their experts for a few months and learn how to properly architect a microservice-based backend and a new front end to go with it. Coorva provided quality software developers who seamlessly integrated with our team and helped us achieve our goal. I highly recommend working with Coorva and would not hesitate to work with them again.

  • FlightLink
    Coorva was an excellent partner as we transitioned from a local Denver-based development shop that built our initial MVP. Coorva took the project on with great enthusiasm and quickly stepped in to manage new feature implementations. As a partner, they were transparent and realistic when it came to expectations. Furthermore, they were goal-oriented and made sure to make the client comfortable in collaborating with them.

    Founder & CEO, FlightLink
    Loma Negra